American gamefowl i will have shamos, asils, cubalayas, thai fowl, tuzo , sumatras, redquills, muffs, brownreds, hennie games, and brahmas for sale this summer/fall 2013. i will also be selling a few eggs from certain breeds. taking.  
Tuzo Gamefowl For Sale  

june 8

mar 13, 2012 im looking for a breeder of tuzo/rampuri/reza asils. i'm willing to buy eggs since im having such a hard time. i need to know were i can find tuzo chicken eggs and good quality of old english game fowl eggs, if somebody.

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Wanting to know if you have amy blue asils for sale? if so please e mail me at tuzo american n spanish gamefowl malay cubalaya. yokohama sumatra.
May 16, 2013 tuzo game fowl for sale, used poultry for sale in kildare, kildare, ireland for 70.00 euros on  
Gamefowl,gamecocks,cocks,hens,pullets,roosters,sta gs,allen roundheads there will be fowl displayed that are the actual fowl that are for sale, and they will be.
  Welcome to shamomansfowl farm breeding an raising quality orientals & gamefowl since 1985. shamo asil tuzo.

  hj sm f
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