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адреса: Никола Карев 20/18. место: Скопје. mk на филтерот за да го исклучите): Термин : avtobuska stanica skopje.
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Skopje and ohrid international airports sas.com.mk site info - alexa the web information company skopje zeleznicka stanica skopje - youtube avtobuska stanica skopje.

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Bus timetables macedonia avtobuska stanica skopje website of the bus station in skopje, macedonia. bus schedules macedonia bus schedule b/w different cities available.

People blinded by a genetic condition called retinitis pigmentosa could benefit from a new visual prosthetic that helps them see patterns of light and dark.

FDA OKs device that helps improve vision lost to retinal disease

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Garden Tour 2013
Toronto Island Spring Garden Tour
Sat. May 25 and Sun. May 26, 2013
Noon to 5 p.m.

A tour of artists' and plant lovers' private gardens which have been created with great care expressing the character of their owners and of island life.

Take the Ward's Island ferry departing from the ferry docks at the foot of Bay St. Check times and ferry ticket prices at

Tickets and maps will be available in the white gazebo as you leave the boat at Ward's Island.   Garden tour ticket prices are: adults $10, seniors $8, children $2.  Funds raised are used for public landscaping projects in the community.   Info: www.torontoisland.org, or dpeace0968@rogers.com, or annekotyk@yahoo.ca.

"Remember, it's cooler by the Lake!"  Dress appropriately.